Zen the Zebra

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Zen the zebra wants everyone to follow him on the path to enlightened writing. Circle your zen with Orbitz pens. When you buy $50 of Orbitz products, you earn a $15 Visa gift card from Zebra. Orbitz is available in ballpoint and gel pens.  Check out the rebate form here.

Orbitz Ballpoint Retractable Pens deliver a bold line yet smear resistant.

ZEB21310 Black Ink in a 1.6mm line

ZEB21320 Blue Ink in a 1.6mm line

Orbitz Gel Retractable Pens feature acid-free archival quality ink. An added bonus is the ink is check-safe. The pigments penetrate the surface of a check deep enough to withstand most check-washing techniques.

ZEB41010 Black .7mm line

ZEB41020 Blue .7 mm line


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