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Deflecto makes a huge range of chairmats for carpets and hard floors. Currently, they are running a rebate on some of their premium mats.

You can’t get any more premium than a chairmat in glass. 1/4” thick tempered recycled glass is stronger than you think—it supports up to 1,000 lbs. It is suitable for carpet and hard floor surfaces. The ultra-clear scratch-resistant surface gives a smooth, effortless rolling surface. The rectangle mats on the rebate promotion are DEFCMG70433646 (36”X46”), DEFCMG70434450 (44X50), DEFCMG70434860 (48X60).

Polycarbonate mats are highly rigid, resilient mats that provide a premium rolling experience and are much clearer than regular poly vinyl chloride mats. Polycarbonate mats are good for big and tall users. They are available in cleatless models for hard floors DEFCM21242PC (45X53) and DEFCM21442FPC (46X60) and cleated models for carpets with over a 1/2” pile. DEFCM11242PC (45X53), DEFCM11442FPC (46X60)

The environmentally-friendly EnvironMat chairmats are made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles. They are available in cleated versions for low pile carpet up to 3/8” high DEFCM1K232PET (45X53 with a lip) and DEFCM1K442FPET (46X60). If you have a hard floor, use either DEFCM2G232PET (45×53 with a lip) and DEFCM2G442FPET (46X60)



Q2 2017 deflecto rebate

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