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3m post it 2017

This is a pretty easy rebate promotion to give your desk a little more style. Get a free WD330RD pop-up note dispenser in elegant rose gold when you purchase one of the qualifying post-it pop up note products. The dispenser fits 3×3 notes. Qualifying products include these 10 pack selections in super sticky (use these when posting on things, not paper): R33010SSAN in Marrakesh colors, R33010SSAU in Rio de Janeiro colors, R33010SSMIA in Miami colors, and R33010SST in Bora Bora Colors. Bora Bora colors are the coolest while Marrakesh colors are the most vibrant of the above collections. The canary yellow supper sticky notes which qualify are in a 12 pack R33012SSCY. If you don’t need the extra adhesion that supper stick notes provide try one of these packs: R33018AUCP Jaipur colors or R33018CP canary yellow, they are both 18 packs. The value minded should try R33024VAD; not only are there 24 pads to a pack, each pad has 100 sheets. If you really like mixing up your colors, try these 100 sheet pads that alternate colors from sheet to sheet R330NALT in Cape Town Colors and R330UALT in Marseille colors.  The Rebate form with more information is here.

Since Post-it notes are available in a world of colors, 3M named their color assortments by a city that best represents the color collection.

Marrakesh is an ancient city about 100 miles from the Atlantic ocean and just north of the snow capped Atlas mountains in Morocco.  It has about 1 million residents. MARRAKESH

Rio de Janeiro is on the beautiful Atlantic coast in Brazil.  It’s metro area has about 12 million residents.


Miami is also on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  The city of Miami has about 400,000 residents, but the metro area population is approximately 5.5 million. MIAMI

Escape to the blue south Pacific with the Bora Bora Collection.  Only about 9,000 people call Bora Bora home.


Jaipur is often called the pink city.  It is in Northern India and has a population or about 3 million.


Cape Town is slightly west of the southern most tip of South Africa.  The Atlantic coast city has a metro area population of about 3.7 million.



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