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FasTab hanging folder products are a very wise choice for anyone who appreciates a heavy duty folder and who dislikes plastic tabs (ME!). The timesaving attached tab allows you to save time of filing.  Some of the features of Smead FasTab hanging folders are:

  • Stronger than ordinary hanging folders
  • Permanently attached heavy-duty reinforced tab
  • Tabs are 20% larger than standard 1/3-cut tabs
  • Coated rod tips

The folders are very easy to label. Either write directly on the tab or use a printed label.

Buy $50 or more of select Smead FasTab products before June 30, 2017 and you are eligible for a free $10 Target gift card. See the promotion flyer for more details and here are the products eligible for the rebate:

Regular Hanging Folders - SMD64053 Letter size assorted (red, green & blue); SMD64054 Letter size assorted (camel, lake blue, moss); SMD64096 Letter size, red; SMD64097 Letter size, yellow; SMD64098 Letter size, green; SMD64099 Letter size, blue; SMD64082 Letter size, moss; SMD64083 Legal size, moss

Erasable Hanging Folders - Write directly on the tab with a permanent mareker and erase with a white eraser. SMD64031 Letter size, assorted (blue, red & green); SMD64032 Letter size, moss;

100% Recycled FasTab - SMD64037 Letter size, standard hanging folder green; SMD64137 Legal size, standard hanging folder green

Box Bottom - 2” capacity SMD64201 Letter size, moss

Hanging Pocket - complete with a full height gusset SMD64222 Letter size, moss, 3-1/2 expansion; SMD64224 Letter size, moss, 5-1/4” expansion

Hanging Classification Folders - hiding in the deep recesses of our catalog and website are these gems. Keep you record organized and lock them in place with fasteners. SMD65105 Letter size, blue, one divider ; SMD65115 Letter size, blue, two dividers; SMD65155 Legal size, blue, one divider; SMD65165 Legal size, blue, two dividers

Hanging Jacket Keep smaller items safe with a jacket. SMD64200 Letter size, sky blue

You can buy FasTab products whenever, but hurry as Smead’s $10 Target promotion ends June 30th, 2017.

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