Simple Back to School Shopping

bts shopping 17

Unlike the unwritten rule of “no Christmas Decorations out before Halloween” Back to School Supply Shopping actually starts before the last school bell rings in May and slowly builds until the fifth of July when she shopping frenzy begins. Julie Scagell has a humorous look at back to school shopping at a big box store. It is an experience you don’t need to endure. With a little help from your friends at LOSCO, we can take the stress of back to school supply shopping away.

We have teamed together with a number of schools as their official school supply pack provider. Packs are delivered to the school (with the exception of Galvez Primary) Information about each school’s pack program can be found here Central Community Schools, Episcopal School, Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet. Parkview Middle, Sorrento Primary, and Galvez Primary.

If your school has not partnered with LOSCO, don’t fret, we can help you too. Give us your list by email fax to 225-927-3085 or drop it off at our front desk. We need your contact information, grade and gender of your student and if they have any color preferences when color is optional. We translate the list into product numbers, fill the order and voila you can either pick up the order at our store 7643 Florida Blvd or we can deliver it for free to your workplace.

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