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Anyone who has studied Louisiana culture knows that it is centered around family, friends and food. Nothing embodies our joie de vie more than crawfish boils. The right paper and plastic goods take stress off of clean up and let the good times continue to roll after the last tasty crustacean has been devoured.

Start by using a tossable plastic table cover. Try using our basic white plastic table cover DIA2TCW300. The cover is 40” wide so you have a 5” drop on standard folding tables. Being a 300’ roll, you can use scissors to cut the cover to fit any size table. Standard length on folding tables is 6’ so a roll will cover about 43 tables. If it is windy, both masking and packaging tape work well to keep your cover from blowing away before your event begins.

Instead of using plastic trays to hold your crawfish feast, consider using molded fiber trays. Our crawfish trays DIAMONDFOCUS are 15.5” x 11. We sell them by the case of 200 trays and if your event is smaller, we sell them by the each as well. The trays are biodegradable.

Mandatory on each table is a roll of paper towels. Since their main purpose it to wipe excess crawfish goodness off your hands before you grab your beverage, cheap paper towels are the right choice. The one we recommend is GEN1799. It has 85 towels per roll so it will last through the event and not have so much left on the roll, that too many towels are left over. 30 rolls are packed to a case. If you don’t need that many, we also sell them by the each.

Don’t forget that we sell to everyone – businesses and individuals.  Shop in our store by phone 225-927-1110 or online. Register to have access to our online store here.  We offer free delivery to business locations in the Greater Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and North Shore areas.  We are open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  We have all these products in stock.  We are closed on Good Friday.

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