Passion for Precision Sweepstakes

Pilot combines rich color with smooth ink flow to create a vibrant and comfortable writing experience with the Precise family of writing instruments. Lay down a beautiful extra fine line with a V5 .5mm pen or go a bit thicker and use a V7 with a .7mm tip for a fine line.

Our friends a Pilot like to periodically reward a lucky loyal use with an extravagant prize. Pilot’s Passion for Precision $10,000 sweepstakes is giving away 3 prizes. The grand prize is $10,000 the first prize is $5,000 and the second prize winner is awarded $1,000.  The “secret” code to enter is PRECISE

So just what pen creates so much passion for writing? Pilot’s Precise Rollerball pens have provided a fabulous writing experience for a few years.   Discover passion in writing with one of these:

V5 Extra Fine Capped is available in Black PIL35334, Blue PIL35335, Red PIL35336, Green PIL25104, Purple PIL25106 and Assorted PIL26015

V5 Extra Fine Retractable is available in Black PIL26062, Blue PIL26063, Red PIL26064, and Purple PIL26066

V7 Fine Capped is available in Black PIL35346, Blue PIL35346, and Red PIL35352

V7 Fine Retractable is available in Black PIL26067, Blue PIL26068, Red PIL26069 and Purple PIL26071

V5 Extra Fine Deco Collection is available in Retractable PIL41980 and Capped PIL38810

Enter today for a chance to follow your passion with Precise here!


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