Clean Up with Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber copolymer so users are protected from latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are a wise choice to protect against chemicals and punctures. The chemical resistance is a result of the acrylonitrile monomer. It is able to withstand grease, gasoline, diesel fuel and many acids and oils. This makes nitrile gloves a preferred choice for industrial applications.

Nitrile is also a popular choice in the medical industry as it offers superior puncture resistance—three to fine times more so than latex. LOSCO is proud to stock nitrile gloves made by AMMEX. They have created difference textures on the gloves according to use. Blue medical gloves feature a micro-roughed texture, while orange industrial gloves feature a diamond texture.

The heavy duty orange nitrile gloves are the most popular glove we stock for industrial, automotive and chemical applications. Most of our employees use it at home for chores from house cleaning, to changing oil to even weeding. The diamond texture gives superior gripping capabilities.

Premium black nitrile gloves are a less expensive choice for industrial automotive and chemical applications. It is 50% thicker than standard nitrile, but lacks the heavy diamond texture of the orange gloves.

Premium blue exam nitrile gloves feature a micro-roughened texture. These gloves are non-sterile, but are medical exam grade perfect for dental and medical applications and even janitorial applications.

Each box contains 100 ambidextrous gloves.

Orange GWON gloves, AMXGWON44100 Medium; AMXGWON46100 Large;  AMXGWON48100 X-Large; AMXGWON49100 XX-Large

Black GPNB gloves, AMXGPNB44100 Medium; AMXGPNB46100 Large; AMXGPNB48100 X-Large

Blue APFN gloves,  AMXAPFN42100 Small; AMXAPFN44100 Medium; AMXAPFN46100 Large; AMXAPFN48100 X-Large






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