Chairs, Chairs & More Chairs

Louisiana Office Furniture Company (a division of Louisiana Office Solutions Company) has the largest and most complete selection of office seating in Louisiana.  We have the solution to fit your body, budget, style and use.  A good chair should support provide proper support for your back, neck, and arms while relieving pressure on the back of your knees.   A good way to start your task chair journey is to visit either Sit On It Seating’s Chair Builder or Hon’s Chair Chooser.  Between task, guest, lounge, collaborative, healthcare, and academic seating options, we have well over 100 different seating choices to try in our showroom.


Task Seating

The chair you sit in for hours a day is a very important ergonomic decision.  You have probably never thought about all the parts and functions of a chair; add them up correctly and you have a chair that can support your body for a decade or more.  Make the wrong decision and your body will not be happy.  Adjustable arms, sliding seat pans, and tilt tension are just a couple of options that make a task chair better suited for computer work. We have many big and tall chairs as well as optional short cylinders for petite workers.  If you like working at a counter height workstation, choose a stool to complete your sit to stand environment.  Built like a tank, intensive use chairs designed for 24 hour workplaces including control rooms and dispatch centers.  The most popular 24/7 option is by Concept Seating.  Let us help you find the most comfortable option.


Guest Seating

The styles, fabrics and finishes available for guest seating are vast.  Let Louisiana Office Furniture Company help you choose seating to make your guests feel welcome.  We have traditional chairs perfect for a time-honored southern office and guest seating that are ready for your sleek and modern workspace.  For in stock and quick delivery options are found here.  Ready to get inspired for high design, our Resource Library is a treasure trove of options.  Or let us help you design your unique look.

Healthcare Seating

Did you know that there are special fabrics and finishes for the healthcare industry? Protect your investment from accidents with healthcare fabrics.  Just because healthcare is in the name, does not mean it is limited to hospitals and doctors offices; many customers use healthcare fabrics in high use and educational environments.  Chairs designed for healthcare often are available in extended widths and weight capacities.

Stack Seating

Training, break and conference rooms often utilize stack seating.  They are available in plastic, upholstered and a combination.  Some have specially designed storage carts.  Many stack seating options also fit into the guest or healthcare seating categories.  There is a huge range in comfort, cleanability, stacking height, and price.  The one that our staff finds the most comfortable is the Lumin by Sit On It Seating.

Lounge & Collaborative Seating

The explosion of seating options for your collaboration, lounge and reception areas give our designers more options to help you choose the best products to fit your style, function and budget. Use our Resource Library and key in Lounge and see the page explode with modern and traditional designs.

Drop in our beautiful showroom at 7643 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 between 8am & 5pm, Monday – Friday and let our staff help you choose the right seating solutions for your office or even home.

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