Neat, New & Novel Storage Solutions

As your work style changes, don’t forget to update your storage solutions. Just because you don’t need to file documents as often, does not mean you don’t need storage. Instead of filling your office with filing cabinets, use a combination of shelving, storage cabinets, lateral files and storage drawers to provide storage for your current work style. One of our favorite storage solutions are mobile pedestals with upholstered tops to create guest seating without sacrificing storage space for a guest chair.   Another double duty solution to use standing height bookcases or cabinets with the addition of a laminate top to create a large worksurface for projects. We are quite fond of our furniture binder storage unit as we use the large top surface as a food serving table when we hold events. Often when designing benching layouts where work surfaces are smaller than traditional layouts, we like to include storage credenzas to create boundaries and offer extra work surfaces. Don’t forget to include secure storage for personal property. Individually keyed locks can be added to most storage options.

As you consider updating your office to fit your current workstyle, utilize our design team to help you create the perfect workspace. Our team will work with your budget and provide options using forward thinking manufacturers. Check out our fabulous online resource library for a bit of inspiration.



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