Communicate in Tough Conditions

Post-it’s new Extreme Notes were created for tough conditions.  They stick to textured surfaces in hot and cold weather, even rain.  The special paper is water resistant and the adhesive is strong.  We tested one on the back of a truck, drove it in all sorts of weather in south Louisiana and it stuck for weeks.

3M designed the notes with the industrial and construction industries in mind.  Mark pipes, tanks, breaker boxes, boards, windows, and just about anything in the field, at the plant or job site.  They work great in kitchens too.  Identify products in a commercial kitchen or even at home.  After application to a dry surface, the notes can withstand the freezer.

The notes are available in the ever popular 3×3 size.  Each pad has 45 sheets.

MMMXTRM333TRYMX is a 3 pack of mixed colors, MMMXTRM333TRYOG is a 3 pack of Orange, MMMXTRM333TRYGN is a 3 pack of green, MMMXTRM3312TRYX is a 12 pack of mixed colors, MMMXTRM3312TRYO is a 12 pack of Orange, MMMXTRM3312TRYG is a 12 pack of green and MMMXTRM3332CBNT is a cabinet pack of 32 pads in mixed colors.

Alaska is known for extreme weather.  Watch this You Tube video for an extreme introduction:



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