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Use our Guest User Account to have home school supplies delivered to your home in Baton Rouge , Denham Springs, Prairieville or Dutchtown.   Delivery is FREE and there is no minimum order, but $25 would be nice.

Look for Items that indicate how many we have in stock to assure quick delivery.  We wish the site could sort by items in stock, but it can’t.  A way to limit the number of items to look through is to hit Contract Items choice near the end of the left rail filtering options.  Items we have in stock will have the amount we have in stock is below the stock number.

Popular Items

Copy Paper  LOS8511RM



Economy 1” AVE05711

Durable 1” AVE17012

Heavy Duty 1” AVE05304

Economy 1.5” AVE05726

Durable 1” AVE17022

Heavy Duty 1” AVE05404


Filler Paper  MEA15200



5 Tab Plain AVE23075

8 Tab Plain AVE23078

5 Tab Poly w/ Pockets AVE11906

8 Tab Poly w/ Pockets AVE11907



1 Subject Economy 70 sheet TOP65000

1 Subject Stuffer 100 sheet RED31098

1 Subject 5 Star 100 sheet MEA05200


Composition Book  – Black and White Marble TOP63795



Dixon Ticonderoga Pre-sharpened Woodcase DIX13806

Sharpwriter Disposable Mechanical PAP3030131

Eraser Pink Pearl (EACH) PAP70520

Eraser Pencil Top (EACH) PAP73015



Economy Round Stic BICGSM11BK  or BICGSM11BE or BICGSM11RD

G2 Retractable Black PIL31020 or Blue PIL31021 or Red PIL31022

Assorted Color Set PAP1945932



Pen Style Assorted BICBLP51WASST


Index Cards

3×5 Ruled OXF31


Sticky Notes

Page Markers MMM6705AN

Economy 3×3 MMM6549YW

Standard Yellow 3×3 MMM654YW


Lapboard  LEO35120

Fine Marker Set BICGDEP41ASST

Eraser LEO74535


Art & Crafting

Glue EPIE1324

Glue Sticks EPIE562

Children’s Scissors FSK94167097J

Adult Scissors LEO80825

Watercolors CYO530525

Markers CYO587808

Pencils CYO684012

Sketch Book ROA53101













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