Have No Fear, SuperTab is Here!

SuperTab hanging folder products are a very wise choice for anyone who appreciates a heavy duty folders. Some of the features of Smead SuperTab hanging folders are:

  • 90% Larger Labeling Area
  • Write Larger or Use More Lines of Description

Buy $100 or more of select Smead SuperTab products by March 31, 2019 and you are eligible for a free portable Bluetooth speaker.  See the promotion flyer for more details.


Qualifying Products (Purchase $100.00 for free item):

SMD10301, SMD15301, SMD10395, SMD15395, SMD11983, SMD11984, SMD11985, SMD11986, SMD11987, SMD11961, SMD11956, SMD10515, SMD10401, SMD15401, SMD10410, SMD15410, SMD14535, SMD19535, SMD14545, SMD19545, SMD14010, SMD14011, SMD14012, SMD14013, SMD10380, SMD10480




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